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I've been saving these up until I had enough for a mini spam. :) I've been knitting like a demon this (Southern Hemisphere) winter and I have a few things to show for it. Millions more photos at the relevant project pages ...

Leftover Legwarmers )

Bow-knot scarf )

Wine-coloured cardigan )

Last of all: my current WIP!
rainbow-yoke raglan tunic )
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The design is Gail's Red Aran from the Twisted Sisters Knit Sweaters book.

The yarn is completely handspun by us, mostly Emma, but a little bit of mine in there, too. The colour is the natural colour of the fleece, no dyes. Just a little wool wash to get the worst of the mud, sheep poo and lanolin out.


a couple more pics behind cut )


Also, I finished my Double Vision blanket, which I originally posted pics of in this post two years ago.

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So here's a picture of one of the projects I currently have on needles! :) The yarn is Caron Simply Soft in a color called "Baby Brights Ombre." It's very springlike and light in color, as you can see. This will eventually - hopefully - be an oversized sweater for my mom. I can't guarantee that it'll turn out, because it's the first time I've made anything with sleeves, and I'm not actually following a pattern because really, why would I do that? :) The bottom is ribbed, as you can see, in k2 p2, and the rest is stockinette stitch.

picture )

As long as I'm here, though, I have a question for you all. I've apparently dropped a stitch or something in one spot, and then I guess picked it back up again in the next row, because I have a very neat little hole that looks like this:

hole )

Any suggestions on how to fix that? (Other than cover it with an applique, which is what I did on my frog bag LOL.)

Also, you guys need to post some pics! I want to see what you all are doing!!!!
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I have been horribly amiss at posting here! I comment and coo, but I haven't posted hardly anything. So, welcome to the wrap-up catch-up knitty pics post!

it's all behind the cut tag )

All caught up! I'm not a speedy knitter, haha. There's a sock on the needle now, but no pictures until it's done.
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I have successfully posted images of knitting! w00t! )

re: community invitation. I was invited, accepted and immediately granted posting access. Moderating worked, and now I've edited the post without trouble. Go Dreamwidth!

ETA: attempting to edit in the HTML window works like a charm.


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