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The last project I finished was that cat bed that took me two months to make. And it was all red and brown and orange, so by the time I got done with it, I was all "OMG I NEED COLORS! And something I can finish inside of a month!" I took a shine to the Taos Felted Slipper Socks while I was looking around on Ravelry. And I had a skein or two of Taos in that brown/turquoise colorway I always like until I get it home lying around, so bonus! Then I went out to my LYS to find another color to twine with it, and I end up picking the two shades of Jaspe Wool that meant I would be knitting with all the colors in the world.
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I went through a thing in college of making Kitty Pi's (pis? Pies?) for people as catwarming gifts. I graduated over four years ago. The bed my cat has now is the crappy first Kitty Pi I made for my old cat, and it's looking a little sorry. I also had a bunch of Berroco Jasper to use up and thought that it would look cool in the dotty pattern. I just finished the goddamned thing earlier today. My earliest pictures of it are dated October 18.
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May. 4th, 2009 12:37 pm
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So while I am procrastinating on writing four essays I thought I would show off some of my recent projects.

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