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Jun. 17th, 2012 11:11 am
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Hello everyone!

I just wanted to say how excited I am that we've been getting a few more posts lately!

Since there was a request to add some tags, I went through the previous posts (all not-quite-fifty of them) and tagged them up a bit too - there are a LOT of wonderful pictures, and people should be able to find them. I hope nobody minds the new tags I've added, and I would also like some suggestions, mostly on what to call stuff.

1. I named one tag "mitts/wristwarmers", but I've included gloves and mittens and such as well, plus it's not a pretty name anyway. Pithy alternatives?

2. There are some projects that aren't scarves/shawls/sweaters/socks. Like a coffee-pot cosy, cat bed, mini sock keyrings, fish, stuffed animals... Do they all go under an "other" tag?

3. There are a few fan themed posts - Dalek hat, Vulcan hat, and a mini sock with the Death Eater skull. Would there be interest in a "fannish" tag, or is that just me being too intent on making everything findable?

4. Would it be helpful to add categories to the tags? Something like "type: scarves" and "technique: lace"? That way the tag list wouldn't just be alphabetical and chaotic anymore...

Apologies for the pictureless post - I'll be posting my pink yarn noodles lace stole soon!
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Welcome to Dreamwidth, and to the KnittingPix community!

First, a request: I need another moderator. My computer is dying and unreliable. I can't get online every day. Who wants to be co-moderator? Anyone? (Yay! We've got lots of moderators now!)

Second, quick review of the purpose and the two three rules of the community:

1) Each post should consist of a brief text description, followed by pictures behind a cut tag. This means:
  • Put all your knitting pix behind cut tags.

  • Include a knitting pic in every post.

(Yep, this post does not contain a picture. That's a moderator's perk. Don't you want to be a moderator too?)

2) This community is for showing off completed projects and works in progress. If you love the project you see here, then, sure, ask about the pattern. You might even end up posting a stitch chart (under a cut tag!). In fact, if you're in the middle of a sleeve and can't figure out why it looks funny, you could even point out the funny-looking part in the picture you post, and ask if anyone can tell you why Ur Doin It Rong.

But. This isn't a general knitting community, for discussion about how to cast on and how to adjust a pattern and isn't the new Malabrigo sock yarn insanely tasty? (Yes, it is!) I recommend [community profile] knitting for that.

3) Play nice.


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