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I have a Vulcan hat. Maybe I should call it Spock? The yarn was bought a few years ago, from a stand at the Knitting and Stitching show at Alexandra Palace. It's from Marks & Kattens, and I couldn't resist buying a yarn called 'Sarek'! But I only bought two balls, and they're only 50m per ball (it's quite bulky). And a few days ago I went looking for something easy to do, and thought about hats; and on Ravelry I found 'The Amanda Hat', and knew with that name, I HAD to knit it!

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Knitted for a friend in Chicago. It took me just over a month overall, in between other projects, and I had to unpick it and re-knit it a few times! I had to put lifelines in twice in case things went wrong, but I finished it tonight.

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I've been knitting a lot of these miniature socks - I'm turning them into keyrings, and a friend is taking them to Azkatraz in LA in July to sell there. Mostly in Hogwarts house colours, of course, including House Sparklypoo, but I've done some in plainer colours.

And then the other night I had A Nidea, and charted this up and knitted it. It's amazing what one can do with only 20 stitches total to work with!


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