Jun. 17th, 2012

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Jun. 17th, 2012 11:11 am
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Hello everyone!

I just wanted to say how excited I am that we've been getting a few more posts lately!

Since there was a request to add some tags, I went through the previous posts (all not-quite-fifty of them) and tagged them up a bit too - there are a LOT of wonderful pictures, and people should be able to find them. I hope nobody minds the new tags I've added, and I would also like some suggestions, mostly on what to call stuff.

1. I named one tag "mitts/wristwarmers", but I've included gloves and mittens and such as well, plus it's not a pretty name anyway. Pithy alternatives?

2. There are some projects that aren't scarves/shawls/sweaters/socks. Like a coffee-pot cosy, cat bed, mini sock keyrings, fish, stuffed animals... Do they all go under an "other" tag?

3. There are a few fan themed posts - Dalek hat, Vulcan hat, and a mini sock with the Death Eater skull. Would there be interest in a "fannish" tag, or is that just me being too intent on making everything findable?

4. Would it be helpful to add categories to the tags? Something like "type: scarves" and "technique: lace"? That way the tag list wouldn't just be alphabetical and chaotic anymore...

Apologies for the pictureless post - I'll be posting my pink yarn noodles lace stole soon!
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I finished and blocked this at my parents' place a week ago, but today was a good day for my dad to bring it round to my place because I've just sucked it up and admitted that the jumper I was 3/4 of the way through was going to be way, way too big, and cast on to reknit it. Sigh.

So it was very nice to get a reminder of this FO. It's a square blanket based on the deservedly popular Adamas Shawl.
many gratuitous pictures below )

Hey mods - tags for blankets and lace would probably be useful. :)


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