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Hello! I'm new to the community and thought perhaps it could use some fresh juice, especially as there seems to be a mass migration from Livejournal. (Also, feel free to friend me on Ravelry, where I use the same username.)

Here are some things I've been working on lately:

Still on the needles is a lovely Helix scarf that I'm making in lace weight baby merino yarn on #3 is slow going, but it's great TV knitting and is so lightweight and warm and lovely. Eventually I will finish.

Meditation Scarf 1

I made this hat out of scrap yarn thinking it would be for a friend (and free). It is sooooo warm and soft, though, that I had to keep it for myself:

Colorwork scrap hat

Here's a photo of the top (and decreases):

Colorwork scrap hat (top)

I also made a friend a Gryffindor Hat, with very simple instructions on the Flickr page. Who knows, maybe it will be a Ravelry pattern someday. (It almost doesn't seem worth it, it's seems simple and is just knitting, but it's the kind of thing I would have appreciated when I was in uber beginner stage). It's in Cascade 220, and I don't have the labels with me to record exactly which colors I used. Will check later (I hope).

Gryffindor Hat

Finally, I whipped up an easy cabled hat from a Yarn Harlot pattern. She is right, they really are like popcorn! (You can't make just one.) I really want to try another, although maybe in a larger size needle or with more rows or purl in between the cabled rows.

Cabled hat

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